The weekend comes to La Molina with thicknesses between 70 and 120 inches of snow

After the snowfall of last week, in La Molina has finally arrived for the weekend and we have to enjoy this as much snow we expected impatiently. 

The snow was falling on Thursday in our tracks to over 60 centimeters of new snow, and now we set a goal to provide you with better service: Have 100% of the ski station open. In total, tracks, between 70 and 120 inches of snow. 

Rates of return to be the high season but, hey, we got a good offer to come skiing with friends or relatives. If you come with college and friends can enjoy a day of skiing paying only 25 euros for each pass. 

If, however, come to spend the day with family, will pass the price of 29.25 euros per person. 

The weather after the snow last week, is fantastic: we expected to accompany the good weather and good temperatures. 

Moreover, children who buy a pass you will deliver a sample of new product and Santiveri Bimbo, the new "smack." Healthy chocolate. What is the smallest taste of tea. 

Who would miss a weekend like this? Come and enjoy the snow! 

In addition, if you get close to the cafe Costa Rasa, you can participate in the drawing of Head skis. 

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